About Us
Housley Sailmakers has been designing and sewing their own sails since 1971, maintaining a craft that is an invaluable service to the marine industry. The original designs mean that every sail is tailored towards the specific needs of the boat and the sailor, while Glenn Housley's remarkably personal attention ensures no corners cut or details glossed over.

Housley still hand-draws his sail patterns, and has a crew that risks callous and comfort to hand-stitch sails. Whether you need a brand new mainsail, a repair, cushions, or furling systems, Housley will make sure you are well taken care of.

Glenn Housley began making sails when he was 19 years old,  founding Housley Sailmakers Inc. in 1971, and The Tailored Yacht Ltd. in 1987.

The original loft sat on Third Street, in Eastport, until it moved to a space four times the size on Virginia Avenue in 1981. Now Housley Sailmakers is situated within Jabin's Yacht Yard off Edgewood Road.

There is no better way to know your audience than to be a member of it first, and the craft of sailmaking is no different. Glenn learned how to sail from top sailors and has continued to devote time to the wind since his introduction to the sport in 1970.
“The sail is great. We flew it last night. Much better than our expectations." ~Lee Snelson

"I want to personally take this moment to thank you both for a number of things:
First: for your time and patience you both spent with me explaining what repairs my two sails required and how your sails are sewn, built and constructed. You definitely make a top quality, offshore, best sails I've ever seen.
Second: for the work and repairs you did on my two sails and a special thanks for the work you did above and beyond the quoted price.
Third: for running a successful sail loft in a professional and personal way."   ~ Rick Zeigley
“You are the consummate master Sailmaker. What a beautiful piece of work. what an improvement!
Also, I appreciate your promptness in getting the work done." ~ Abel J. Merrill

"I'm proud to say that now Water Puppy has 3 Housley Sails - What's not to like!!" ~Stuart G. Buppert, II

"Thanks very much for your excellent work making the genoa a working sail once again.
It works great on every point of sail.
Will highly recommend your sailmaking and repair work to all I meet and know." ~Frank Hornig